Recording Session 2012

by Phobos

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This compilation was recorded at "Ann and Pat" by Bazoka J. It includes Wet Spinach, Loving The Alien, Turn A Blind Eye and Phobos.
It was a good chance to snuff some studio air for us.
One bonustrack is a project song between Phobos and Wet Spinach called "Struggle"


released September 21, 2012

recorded by Bazoka J. at Ann and Pat/ Linz, AT
featured artist: Phobos/ Loving The Alien/ Wet Spinach/ Turn A Blind Eye
recorded aug/sept 2012
cover art by Rene/ AAP
all lyrics written by Tom Noise/ Phobos




Phobos Linz, Austria

PHOBOS is mainly influenced by the late 80ies, early 90ies Rockbands. Staggering drums, roaring basslines, distorted guitars and a plain calm up to explosive voice defines the sound of the three-piece band from Linz, Austria. Starting in late 2009 as a autodidact jam band, PHOBOS was founded in late 2011 and played gigs with Lydia Lunch, Morkobot and more. ... more

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Track Name: Flies
I'm a big fat fly
I'm ready to fly my round
Oh, can you hear me buzzin'
I'm buzzin to this sound
and i feel great
and i feel hate
can you see my friends now
they are hanging down

and they don't move
and they don't speak

Don't Speak
Track Name: Sympathetic Bastard
He tells me his sweet lie
while we ride to town
got this baby throat pictures
haunting his mind
he can't find a dime to pay his mind
he can't find a time
he can't find his mind
he can't find his mind, so

I set it on fire, Yeah
I'm stoned, Yeah

He seems like a nice guy
who twists, shouts, turns
and does it right
he got everything he needs
but he wants more
he can't find a dime to pay his mind
we can't find a time
can't find this mind
I can't find this mind

I set it on fire, Yeah
I'm stoned, Yeah

I'm surrounded by brilliance
and dig a hole in the sky
it's the same old situation
and we never learned to try
so i pick down each star
to write your name on it
and i hear your whisper
"what's your reason?"
so i can only say
i wanna live on forever and ever
and spread my love around

Hey, yeah you don't know (x8)
Shit (x4)
Track Name: Struggle
Complain to me in your phantasy
complain to me and you'll see
against the struggle
or what you need

You are the liar, my enemy
you are the beast
but I am in denial
that's what I need
(written by Thomas/ Phobos; vocals by Daniel/ Wet Spinach)